Thursday, November 13, 2008

In Case You Want a Visual...

I put up some more photos on picasa ( Hooray!

We're working hard on our media projects for this month and finishing up teaching here in Kunming. (Incidentally, today Noah and I were absolutely mobbed by kids after class asking for "signs" or "names" and sometimes email..."signs," for those of you not well-versed in Chinglish, are signatures...literally, they wanted out signatures...I signed someone's ping-pong paddle. I was also given a little hand-written note that says, "Dear Becca/I am China girl. Nice to meet you! I welcome you to China. I like your class very much!/A China girl, He Xiangmei" which was very sweet except that I think she spent class writing the note and not actually paying attention -- that class was also the worst class we've had yet. No one paid attention. The teacher never showed up and Grace wasn't there either so no one could translate or stand menacingly in the corner, their mere presence keeping the kids from goofing off...and we teach 7th graders so the translation comes in handy does the presence of actual authority...we felt like no one was paying attention or getting what we were saying and then suddenly, after class, mobbed! Ah well....)

The point I was trying to make, however, before that lovely digression, was that we will be leaving Kunming for our 10 hour bus ride to Shaxi ("Sha-shee") Tuesday morning, will come back Saturday night in time for our farewell banquet with Sam, Yuen etc. and then head to the airport Sunday morning to fly to Cambodia! (We say Goodbye to our families Monday night, so there's that farewell banquet, too...Saturday night we'll stay in the university hotel.) Shaxi is rural and we probably won't have much in the way of internet so you may not hear from me for a while since after Shaxi we'll be traveling and settling in somewhere new. I'm pretty excited for Cambodia -- Angkor Watt, relaxing in hammocks (we've been informed that THIS enrichment week we will in fact have time to sleep :-)), the killing fields (back to business). Then off to Vietnam. Also exciting!

Keep in touch and remember the photos!


adelaide said...

I will really miss hearing from you when you are without internet!

An America girl,


mamacita said...

Beautiful pictures. All of them. Machu Pichu looks amazing. I agree with you re: Three Cups of Tea. A good editor would have helped. Who cares about his princess dr. girlfriend! But his mission is awesome, and the obstacles he overcame were quite a challenge.
Looking forward to your next internet contact!

Staci said...

Great pictures. I especially like the ones in Kunming in the market!

friend Nancy said...

Back from Brazil and couldn't wait to sit and catch up on your adventures.... you are so funny!! We spent last week on Amazon staying in our own treehouse. Now, on to your photos. More later, just wanted to get back in the loop should you check in from Cambodia.