Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Leaving On (Several) Jet Planes

Well, this is nearly it. I'm leaving the day after tomorrow. And I'm almost sort of packed! Impressive, I know. I'm pretty excited to leave. Sure there are things and people I'll miss, but really, I'm excited to leave. I'm even more excited to meet all the other TBB kids. And a little tiny bit anxious. And a lot antsy.

Anyway, welcome again to this blog. I guess I'll try to write once a week, but I think some weeks it may be more and some less. Who knows when I'll end up having internet access and free time simultaneously? I don't really know much detail-wise about what this year will be like. It's an adventure!

So, back to packing! Score!

Bye for now


Adelaide said...

Becca, I just want to let you know that I'm thinking about you and hoping for good weather for travel. Also, I plan to live vicariously through your blog posts. Here's to your big adventure! Go get 'em.


P.S. Everyone will love you. No worries.

Miriam said...

Becca, I hope you have an amazing time and I am going to miss you a lot. Just letting you know, I bookmarked your blog, and I can't wait to start reading about your fantastic adventures and wishing your life was mine.


Staci said...

Hey, Becca -

You are in my thoughts and prayers as you travel. I can't wait to live vicariously through you as you experience the adventure of a lifetime. Looking forward to your blog! I'll miss seeing you:)

friend Nancy said...

Rebecca - i just read through your whole blog - catching up - and my husband asked why I was chuckling out loud - great humor - dry, insightful, just fun; you add so much to any group - everyone will love you. We are the lucky ones - for not only getting to share in your travel (these are places I have never been) but especially getting to see them through your mind.... hugs, keep posting us...

Dani said...

so, Anna and I are sitting on the dorm floor with our suitemate, Jaclyn. She had Leaving on a Jet Plane on a CD and Anna and I just looked at each other.

How beautiful that 15 minutes later I get online and decide to check your blog and find this title.

We wish you the best trip and that you come away from it without empty hands. We know you won't.

Love you, and luck!
Dani and Anna