Friday, May 30, 2008

That guy, like, totally made me move!

I'm working part time at a bakery this summer. It's on Pico. You should stop by...the stuff is delicious. Doesn't it look delicious? Anyway, today was my second day. I'm getting really pro at the cash register, at "scooping cupcakes," and at answering phones/taking orders. I even made a delivery yesterday and I'm basically afraid of cars. I am not, however, one of the few people in the bakery that can work the coffee machine, nor do I know the regulars with the crazy orders or the cookie and soda every day at lunchtime. I'll learn. Everyone is really nice and I get my fill of mindless T.V. from the flatscreen on the wall in the back that constantly plays the Food Network or E! (I don't know why anyone but a captive audience would ever watch Denise Richard's or Lindsay Lohan's mother's new reality shows...but, in case you were wondering, Denise is trying to breed her pig and Lindsay's sister thinks she's a great role model). Also today, a woman came in with a newsflash: Angelina had the twins! Were they both girls? She didn't remember. Stop the Presses!

Anyway, I have already had several "only in L.A." moments. The best of today's:

1. A guy comes in and orders one cupcake. Alright, that'll be two dollars. Then he hands me a credit card. I mean, seriously? It costs the bakery more than that to
charge the credit card. So he pulls out a bill fold and hands me two bucks. Would that have been so hard? Is he trying to rack up miles? (Honest question: why would you try to use a credit card to pay for one cupcake? What is the benefit to that? It's slower. It's not like he didn't have the money with him...I don't get it)

2. A woman calls to place an order for 24 mini cupcakes. For when? Well, she says, she's just outside in her car. I look out the window and sure enough, there is a woman in a white SUV in the red on her cell. I tell her it'll be a few minutes because we have to frost some more of the chocolate ones. How long? ...Just a few minutes... OK, she agrees. So the people who are cool enough to bake things get to frosting and I get to ringing up the order. Logan, the owner (a fabulous, super-nice twenty-something) and I just laugh a little about how ridiculous this is. Apparently the same woman came in yesterday. Then Logan goes, "Oh my god. I love that she's getting a parking ticket right now." I turn around and see the parking enforcement pulled up alongside her. She drives away and calls us back. Logan answers, talks, passes along the order change. White cupcakes are fine, just be quick. So we pack them up in 30 seconds flat and Logan walks down the block to the woman's car and returns with a 20, keep the change. "That woman rolled down the window," she said, "and I swear the actual words that came out of her mouth were: That guy, like, totally made me move!"

Honestly, though, you would not believe how particular people are about their baked goods. I think it's because they're all on diets.

I'll end with some words of wisdom from Logan. "Don't worry. Nothing's that big of a deal. I go home and my friends complain about all the horrible things that happened to them that day and then they ask how my day was and I just say 'well, some people yelled at me about cupcakes'"

Keep it in perspective. :-)

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Joe said...

nice. this blog is GREAT btw i thorougly enjoy reading about your cupcake escapades. keep it up